I AM ADAPTIVE™ has started an initiative called ‘Project Mobilize’ where we work with companies, foundations, businesses & individuals to get new or used mobility equipment to the more profoundly Adaptive or Veteran communities. This includes: vehicles, prosthetics, wheelchairs, canes, mobility vehicles, crutches, seeing glasses, sunglasses, orthotic shoes, car cranes, stair chairs and the like.
We are working to gather enough equipment to open a state of the art refurbishment facility in South Florida, employed by Veterans and those with more Adaptive needs. We would like this to also be an initiative that Athletes work with us on. Fundraisers for those that need mobility equipment and tools, new avenues to find these items and more. The possibilities are endless and we are looking to move internationally on this.

We want what we give to keep giving and help spread awareness of the need for more access to mobility devices.

Your DONATIONS help us work hard to provide equipment to those who need it most!

Do you have mobility equipment or tools that you or a loved one no longer need?

Do you NEED mobility equipment or tools?

Please let us know more about how you can help us MOBILIZE your community & the world and how we can help YOU!


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