• Luke Ericson
    Luke Ericson I AM ADAPTIVE™ Athlete Advocate

I was born without my left arm and missing half of my left lung, and I later developed scoliosis and type 1 diabetes. As a child I had always insisted on doing everything myself and never taking the easy way out. I’ve never seen any reason why I couldn’t do something myself, anything you can think of- swimming, surfing, rock-climbing, or Crossfit. If I want something bad enough, I’ll find a way to make it happen.

  I’ve been training for a while now, and I started doing Crossfit workouts less than two years ago. I had to do a lot of things differently though, scaling down the weights and modifying the movements so that I could do them all with one arm. In the last year I decided to stop putting limits on myself, and started to work towards working out at the same level as everyone else. I often get weird looks when I set down the dumbbell and walk over to the barbell to attempt a power clean, deadlift, or backsquat. But, I never let those looks hold me back.

I competed in the Working Wounded Crossfit Competition in early November, and afterwards I experienced an explosion in publicity. My photos and videos were shared/liked over 300,000 times, people like Ludacris and Frank Medrano shared my story on their social media pages, and one video that I was part of garnered over 1,000,000 views.


Personal Records

  • Back Squat – 225lbs
  • Front Squat – 115lbs
  • Overhead Snatch – 75lbs
  • Snatch – 75lbs
  • Power Clean – 135lbs
  • Dead Lift – 245lbs
  • Bench – 115lbs


  • Ludacris Shoutout
  • CrossFit HQ Video

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