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Everything, I am who I am, we are all different and all bring something different. For me once im comfortable and familiar in an new environment then I’m a bit of a goff ball lol I like to have fun and laugh its good for the soul lol. When it comes to training and my sport I take things a lot more seriously I enjoy learning new skills and techniques, finding what works what doesn’t. My coaches and my moto “don’t be afraid to fail” failure is good I needed to teach myself this “very important” I think some people can be to hard on themselves its not always about winning or succeeding but about progress!! Maybe this is what sets me apart and what I bring to IAA.



I have been in Crossfit for 1 year and 7 months and just started to compete this year where we placed 4th out of 30 teams in the SX division and I think 7th with our in-house comp  which is mixed with RX athletes.


I do believe so, I feel there is a great demand for adaptive athletes to be able to compete and how much it means to us to be able to just put yourself out there, everyone should be able to have an equal shot at competing at a higher level therefore I believe the more demands the more we will be heard!!


Gear, adaptive training tools, new prosthetic, etc.Im looking into more effective gear for my arm with pull ups and deadlifts as im just using straps at the moment. Iv never used prostetics but if they worked better I would be interested in using them more.


What your current training schedule is like I’m a Mum of three and work 20-30 hours a week casual I’m also a student studying counseling and one day a week I volunteer at the community center and I’m training 4-5 days a week at the moment so my days are very busy but I make it work and am able to balance and juggle my routine around to suit whatever’s going on in my life.

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