I AM ADAPTIVE Mission is made up of our 3 main Goals which help strategize  & implement many innovative avenues to aid us in ridding the world of the words “handicapped & disabled”.

We are all Adaptive!



I AM ADAPTIVE™ aims to reach millions through our unique educational outreach that work to rid the world of the words "handicapped & disabled" and help those who have gone through any traumatic event.


We are building the largest social media networking platform for the Adaptive Culture by providing a social community for those who are looking to Unleash Their Greatness.


I AM ADAPTIVE™ is working with innovative companies and foundations that look to provide mobility equipment for those who need it most, when they need it most.



-Public Speaking
-Event Coordinating
-Social Media Platforms
-Community Involvement
-Youth & College Programs
-Massive All-Sport & Fitness Camps
-ARMY Officer/Ambassador Appearances

-International Trauma Outreach Programs

How We Socialize

Global *ONLINE* Hub for Adaptive Athletes & Supporters
*ONLINE Resource Library*

TRUTH IS: There is a desperate NEED for information in the ADAPTIVE world, we have catalogs FULL of information waiting to be properly shared with ALL who need it, and people constantly wanting to be CONNECTED to ONE ANOTHER but it time, work, dedication and funding.

We ACCOMPLISH this GOAL by implementing

– Continuous Stream of Information donated by

I AM Adaptive Army members
*Stories, *Blogs, *Articles, *Videos, *Pictures, *Accomplishments
– An Online Community to

How We Mobilize

I AM ADAPTIVE™ is working hand in hand with international mobility equipment providers to bring the community a higher quality product at low and affordable prices.

We are also working hard to bring down inferior policies within insurance companies that prevent you or those around you from losing your right to be mobile & at any level.

I AM ADAPTIVE has created #ProjectMobilize as a jumping board to provide donated/sponsored mobility equipment, to create/invent new products & align consumers with engineers to make this mission mainstream as quickly as possible.