What is the Trauma Relief program?

There are over 2,000,000 people in America alone that are born with or have incurred a “more profound” Adaptation. Many of these events are traumatic, not just for those whom are physically or mentally affected but also by those around them who love them and have no idea where to look for hope or answers. many people have weeks, months or even years of what we call “down time”. This is the time where depression, reclusivness and apathy take hold of ones life and soul. There is no need for this time to occur and we are here to give you that time back!

These are the bodies that I AM ADAPTIVE aims to reach, and we will with your help and support. I AM ADAPTIVE™ has formulated a small packet that costs less than $1 to create that holds inside of it a new life, a new future and an entirely new lease on life. All that for under $1?! YES. It can be the simplest things that make the most impactful changes to those that we love.

At the top of this page you can see what the packet comes with! It is packed full of innovative avenues for those to find their Next Step! I AM ADAPTIVE™ will be collecting donations from YOU to provide these Packets to Hospitals, Schools, rehabilitation Facilities, Prosthetic Centers, Sports Organizations, our at Sporting Events and where ever else we find the ability for us to hinder a trauma from occurring or continuing.


Examples of how your DONATION will help others in need of community & awareness:

  • A $20 Donation provides relief to 20 individuals
  • A $50 Donation provides relief to 50 individuals
  • A $100 Donation provides relief to 100 individuals
  • A $500 Donation provides relief to 500 individuals
  • A $1,000 Donation provides relief to 1,000 individuals
  • A $20,000 Donation provides relief to 20,000 individuals

And so on! That extra dollar in your pocket right now could be changing someones life forever in the most monumental moments of their life.

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