Q:What is the purpose of the International I AM ADAPTIVE Compete Team aka IAACT?

A:The IAACT is an Elite Squad of innovative and revolutionary individuals thatare pushing the limits of human existence while pushing equally as hard to bring others into their sport of specialty, or choice, white furthering the Adaptive Movement at an International Level.  These Individuals are the Best of the Best in their given Sport, are leaders, mentors & visionaries. They see the future that lies ahead for an INCLUSIVE world through the I AM ADAPTIVE™ code of understanding that we are ALL Adaptive beings and no one should be labeled “Handicapped” or “Disabled”, for these words carry a derogatory effect on the human psyche.  Instead of they believe in an inclusive world, and want to be a leader of carrying through this mission while representing the IAA Symbol for Inclusiveness and Resilience.


IAACT Athletes Are:

–       Top Athletes in their sport(s) of choice

–       Have completed a minimum of 3+ competitions for their given sport

–       Prioritize bringing others to sport, fitness & a healthy lifestyle

–       Athletes are also: teachers, mentors, coaches, leaders, go-getters, ambitious, & hungry for opportunity

–       Understand the power of social media in our day and age and utilize it as a platform to help further their personal careers

–       Able to travel if needed for a competition, event, or shoot

–       Responsible when conducting relationships with Sponsors and comply with terms in their given contracts of choice

–        Focused on helping the growth of the Adaptive Movement

–        Comfortable in front a camera, on video, photos, blogs, vlogs, etc.

–        Athletes who see a professional career for themselves in an area complimentary with being a dedicated Competitor

–        Are hungry to create opportunities for themselves and others and have innovative ideas to bring to the table

–        Dedicated to team meetings and care about learning about their teammates

–        Proud to wear the Adaptive symbol in competitions and other platforms for mass awareness of the Adaptive Movement


IAACT Athletes are NOT:

–       Individuals who treat sport as a hobby

–       Individuals who have not competed 3+ times

–       Individuals who are uncomfortable in front of a camera

–       Individuals who are not comfortable with exposure on social media platforms

–       Individuals who aren’t Team players

–       Individuals who are only focused their own journey, and not also about helping others


The IAACT set a standard for all of those around them and those that are following in their footsteps. The Team will be called upon to reinvent the world around them in more ways than just fitness. They are the role models for the new generation of heroes and that should not be taken lightly.


The IAACT will learn extremely valuable Networking, Marketing, Branding and Self Management Skills which will allow for a greater grasp of new opportunities and possibilities that previously may not have been thought possible. They will be speakers and representatives of many changes within social welfare, equality and a new era of technology. The Team will work cohesively with other like-minded organizations to produce a greater response and outcome to their sports within the community.


The IAACT will be working continuously with IAA in fundraising for their individual journeys, for the Team, for the organization and for the locations in which they will compete. The Compete Team will be held to the highest standard of compassion, community, integrity and the understanding that we are ALL beings living in different and unique ways.  The IAACT fights for the humanity and acceptance of all people, despite labels, abilities, or anything the like.  They are a voice for those who have walked through the trenches and are thriving.  They are those individuals, who still battle, but know to bounce back and be better and stronger everyday.  They lead by example and know how valuable their journey can be to others who may just be starting out.


If you think that you meet these requirements, please continue.


  1.  DRAFT APPLICANTS copy and paste the following questions and submit along with your answers to ‘iaacompeteteam@gmail.com’ NO LATER THAN APRIL 29, 2017 by 9PM EST for consideration to be on the IAACT (no exceptions will be made).
  2.  ALSO, please provide 3-5 of your Best Pictures, Videos or Publications of previous performances in your Sport.  Include any relevant materials you deem important while we consider your draft application for a position on the IAACT.


~Good LUCK to you all!!  
Founders of IAA

Evyn & Marilyn Zosia



The International I AM ADAPTIVE Compete Team Draft:


1) What is your sport(s) of choice*?

2)  How long have you been involved within the sport?

3)  How many competitions have you participated in for that sport? What did you place?

4)  List any current Adaptive/Athletic Sports Teams you are a part of

5)  Are you prepared to work with I AM ADAPTIVE™ on fundraising and community involvement?

6) Do you see yourself as an individual open to evolution and innovations within yourself, your community & with the help of technology?

7)  Are you prepared to be on camera and on print?

8)  Are you able to blog/vlog?

9)  Are you willing and able to teach others how you Adapt to both sports & life?  Are you willing to document your experiences?

10) Are you able to travel to National & International Competitions/Events as a representative of the IAACT with proper notice when needed?

11) Do you feel as though you are able to conduct yourself with the highest honor and integrity while a part of this Team?

12) Do you agree that working with other like-minded organizations and foundations is the only way to reach the masses in an effective and time efficient manner?

13) Why do you feel as though you should represent the International I AM ADAPTIVE Compete Team in its Movement to Unleash the Greatness in us all by using innovative avenues to Educate, Socialize & Mobilize the Adaptive Community & Veterans?

14) What sets you apart?

15) What Qualities can you bring to the IAACT?


*SPORT LIST – Please choose 1-2 in which you would like to focus:


Alpine Skiing


Arm Wrestling


Base Jumper


Beach Volleyball


Blind cricket

Blind golf

BMX Biking


Body Building


Car Racing/Formula 1


Cross-country skiing


Cue sports




Figure skating

Floor hockey

Football 5-a-Side

Football 7-a-Side




Ice  hockey




Kite boarding



Moto Cross

Mountain Biking

Nine-pin bowling

Nordic Skiing

OCR (Obstacle Course Racer)

Paddle Boarding



Rock Climbing

Roller skating




Ski Jumping

Sky Diving


Short track speed skating



Snow Mobiling



Strong Man



Table tennis

Tae kwon do

Team handball

Ten-pin bowling



Track & Field



Water Rafting


Wheelchair baseball

Wheelchair basketball

Wheelchair curling

Wheelchair dance sport

Wheelchair fencing

Electric wheelchair football

Wheelchair hockey

Wheelchair rugby

Wheelchair skateboarding (WCMX)

Wheelchair tennis


Other: ___________________________