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Marilyn Zosia

Co-Founder, President

Marilyn Zosia is a Life Coach, Style Manager & CrossFit Coach who survived a Traumatic Brain Injury 12 years ago and fought for years to find a way out of her ’50 First Dates’ life. It wasn’t until she found fitness was she freed from her injury. Marilyn now seeks to provide rehabilitation to those in need and those who feel lost in recovery.

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Evyn Zosia

Co-Founder, Vice President

Evyn Zosia is a Real Estate Agent, Campaign Supervisor for a South FLorida News Network & Advertising Company as well as a Physical Trainer who found himself through fitness. Through adapting and allowing him self to accept love and understanding, Evyn regained control of his life and has vowed to provide others with the strength to thrive again.

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Samantha Whitley

Lawyer, Animal Lover & Board Member

Samantha Whitley is a State Attorney with a passion for helping others through fitness. Samantha is an avid CrossFitter and spends her free time taking care of her 2 pugs, one whose name is Tunkie and he has wheels!

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Entrepreneur, OCR Competitor, & Board Member

Ralph Avallone is one of the most integral working parts of I AM ADAPTIVE™. Ralph is the President of the International Green Energy Counsel, has raised money for Veteran organizations internationally, is one of the top ranking OCR Competitors in his age group world wide and much more.

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Emily Willard

Human Rights Activist, Animal Lover & Board Member

Emily Willard is the Research Associate and Project Coordinator for the Genocide Documentation Project, a partnership with the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. She is currently researching the international response to the conflicts in Rwanda, Bosnia, and Darfur. Emily is the Vice-President of the board of directors of the Guatemala Human Rights Commission-USA, where she has served for three years.

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April Dietz

Paralegal, Treasurer & Board Member

With over 20 years working within the Florida State Department, April brings incredible accuracy to detail and impeccable abilities to research, analyze and aid in setting outcome strategies to maximize the best ways we can reach the population and raise awareness for those who need it.

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