I AM ADAPTIVE™ is a 501(c)3 organization whose mission is to Educate, Socialize & Mobilize the Adaptive & Veteran Communities using innovative avenues that are ridding the world of the words “handicapped & disabled’. Our motto is “You Are Not Alone”.

Once way to help support IAA is through its I AM ADAPTIVE Compete Team Support.

I AM ADAPTIVE™ has formed an initiative called the I AM ADAPTIVE™ Compete Team. This team is made of the best international Adaptive & Veteran Athletes that not only compete on highly competitive levels worldwide but are driven to give back to their communities in a variety of ways including: hosting seminars, fundraising for causes within the community, a wide scope speaking engagements, event attendances, conferences, summits, human rights legislation appearances and more.

I AM ADAPTIVE™ is seeking funding, scholarships & sponsorship’s for the I AM ADAPTIVE Compete Team to be able to travel and represent the community through its 3 Mission Goals and to represent us and our sponsors internationally with a large amount of exposure. We  are working with about 60 Athletes coming, from over 20 different sports.

Below are the Average Costs for one of our Athletes to compete, spread awareness & help others Unleash Their Greatness.

  • Average Travel Costs (Flight): $400
  • Average Cost of Hotel Stay: $350
  • Average Cost of Food and Cab expenses: $100
  • Event Registration: $100 (not always needed)

Total Average Costs for I AM ADAPTIVE Compete Team Athletes to represent I AM ADAPTIVE & its sponsors for a two-day event that yields the opportunity to network with 1,000-1,000,000 individuals is: $1,000

*Note: International Travel may reach $2,000 for events such as World Cups & International Championships.

  • Apparel
  • Natural or Organic Supplements
  • Personal Services
  • Suggest something!

Want to provide product or another form of sponsorship/donation to the Compete Team? Tell us below!


*Note that for product donations for the entire Team, please make sure you have 100 count of that item.

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