I AM ADAPTIVE Is Proudly Sponsored By Harbinger Fitness

Harbinger Fitness has been a staple within the fitness community for over 30 years and they are now our exclusive providers of our I AM ADAPTIVE Compete Team’s weightlifting and power-lifting accessories and gear. We are honored to be a part of the incredible movement that Harbinger has brought to the world for so many years. Our mission with Harbinger is to equip some of the most adaptive & innovative athletes in the world with the best fitness aids in the world that have been tried and tested for extreme action and ultimate endurance.


Thanks to Harbinger Fitness, our I AM ADAPTIVE Compete Team is now ready to set/break records, smash goals and innovate the world much more than they were able to before.


Please go to https://harbingerfitness.com/ and use code IAMADAPTIVE to get 15% off on any order and they provide a percentage of it back to us to help our I AM ADAPTIVE Compete Team get to competitions, pay for sports equipment and training.