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We Can’t Conquer the World without YOU!!

We’ve been busy taking over the WORLD while EDUCATING & SPREADING AWARENESS about a topic we LIVE & BREATHE for!! The I AM ADAPTIVE™ team have been working tirelessly on making this world more ADAPTIVE friendly and advanced.  That comes along with the responsibility of making sure EVERYONE knows what people, even they themselves, are TRULY capable of when they BELIEVE and HARNESS their abilities!!

We need YOUR help in WAKING the world up to the beast they have within!!

Athletes & Supporters alike, it’s time we UNITED forces and put our engine’s in gear to make the BIGGEST IMPACT POSSIBLE.

Here are some ways to Get Involved as part of the LARGEST Movement of our time!!


So many of you have been asking “HOW CAN WE HELP” and we have so desperately wanted to tell you what we needed most!

We at I AM ADAPTIVE™ are so focused on wanting you to flourish in the ways that make you most happy, most productive, and most fulfilled. We want to know what YOU are good at! What drives YOU? What makes YOU come alive? That is what we want, passionate people, people ON FIRE!


Below is a list of the areas we need some special volunteers for! We will be taking applications from qualified individuals who want to make this world a better place!! Let us know under the “Volunteer Subject” area from the list below what area you feel you would best fit in!

What we need will constantly change so keep checking back! If what you are best at is not on this list but you think we should be aware of what you have to offer then put that into the “Volunteer Subject”.

Thank you so much for helping us go above and beyond to change the world and bring about a social reform to let us all see that WE ARE ALL ADAPTIVE, WE ARE ALL A FAMILY, WE WILL UNLEASH OUR GREATNESS!
*In time some of our volunteers will be offered paid positions within the company*


  • Event Volunteers
  • Event Anchors
  • Event Photographers/Videographers
  • Social Media Masters
  • WordPress Mavens
  • Mechanical Engineers
  • Socializers


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