Want To Help?

Get Involved!!

We Can’t Conquer the World without YOU!!

We’ve been busy taking over the WORLD while EDUCATING & SPREADING AWARENESS about a topic we LIVE & BREATHE for!! The I AM ADAPTIVE™ team have been working tirelessly on making this world more ADAPTIVE friendly and advanced.  That comes along with the responsibility of making sure EVERYONE knows what people, even they themselves, are TRULY capable of when they BELIEVE and HARNESS their abilities!!

We need YOUR help in WAKING the world up to the beast they have within!!

Athletes & Supporters alike, it’s time we UNITED forces and put our engine’s in gear to make the BIGGEST IMPACT POSSIBLE.

Here are some ways to Get Involved as part of the LARGEST Movement of our time!!


Do you want to help the I AM ADAPTIVE™ Movement RIGHT NOW??

Do you want to be part of a GLOBAL Team that is changing the way world sees us all??

We’ve made it easy for you to Join our Street Team of SOCIAL SOLDIERS!!


The Social Soldier is the FIRST STEP in becoming part of the I AM ADAPTIVE ARMY™ & Team that is taking the world by storm and connecting thousands across the globe! If your MISSION is to spread the Movement and become part of something greater than us all, then help us by being an active individual bringing Awareness to those around you! Every Social Soldier Kit sold helps TODAY and show us how you can be the CHANGE we see tomorrow!


A SOCIAL SOLDIER represents I AM ADAPTIVE™ on all fronts! Becoming a ‘Private’ in our Army is the FIRST step to becoming a BIGGER part of the I AM ADAPTIVE™ Team! We want to give you the tools we use every single day to spread the Movement and ADAPTIVE Mission and see what YOU can do with them!

What connections can you make, what can you do at events in your own town, who’s life can you change by letting them know WE EXIST!

There are SO MANY WAYS to help and to graduate to a higher ranking with more opportunities to work with us INTERNATIONALLY!

What can you do with what you are given?!

Become a Social Soldier TODAY by helping to support our Mission to rid the world of the negative words ‘handicapped & disabled’ by simply buying a bracelet, sticker pack, tee, tank or hat! You are the message and you are the key to helping others find a way to this amazing community.


So many of you have been asking “HOW CAN WE HELP” and we have so desperately wanted to tell you what we needed most!

We at I AM ADAPTIVE™ are so focused on wanting you to flourish in the ways that make you most happy, most productive, and most fulfilled. We want to know what YOU are good at! What drives YOU? What makes YOU come alive? That is what we want, passionate people, people ON FIRE!


Below is a list of the areas we need some special volunteers for! We will be taking applications from qualified individuals who want to make this world a better place!! Let us know under the “Volunteer Subject” area from the list below what area you feel you would best fit in!

What we need will constantly change so keep checking back! If what you are best at is not on this list but you think we should be aware of what you have to offer then put that into the “Volunteer Subject”.

Thank you so much for helping us go above and beyond to change the world and bring about a social reform to let us all see that WE ARE ALL ADAPTIVE, WE ARE ALL A FAMILY, WE WILL UNLEASH OUR GREATNESS!
*In time some of our volunteers will be offered paid positions within the company*


  • Event Volunteers
  • Event Anchors
  • Event Photographers/Videographers
  • IAA Compete Team Liaisons
  • Social Media Masters
  • WordPress Mavens
  • Mechanical Engineers
  • Immediate Trauma Relief Volunteers



The Draft for the 2015 International Compete Team is NOW CLOSED.


Athletes Welcomed to the IAACT until the end of 2015 will be done by Private Invitation ONLY.


Our next Draft will take place in December 2015 for 2016’s Season 1 Additions.


For any Questions or Concerns please let us know by relaying a message on our ‘Contact Us’ page found above.