Hello friends, family and supporters of the Adaptive Movement! It has been incredible to be a part of such a fast growing family and to help so many connect with one another across the world. for the last 28 months. Since the beginning of I AM ADAPTIVE, it has been run 99.99% by Marilyn and Ellyse/Evyn Zosia from top to bottom, graphics to traveling, meetings and skype sessions, website creation to even hosting. They saw enough need in the community to quit their jobs and put in their life savings into traveling the country and bringing people together for a greater good, and they have never looked back. From helping soon to be amputees find an excitement to learn to run again, to meeting and shining light on organizations/trainers/companies that are aiding those to adapt and become better, to traveling and covering major events in our community like the being the Official Media of the Worlds 1st Wheelchair Bodybuilding Competition at the Arnold Classic….there is 1 thing that everyone knows, M & E will be there. They are happy to be known as an organization that will be there no matter what and always helping you to unleash your greatness!


Please read below for a list of what we have accomplished and how we are working hard to change the world!

– Created the 1st Adaptive Community Movement.

– Gained over 70,000 Social Supporters in the last 2 years!

– Have over 20,000 wrist warriors internationally by distributing bracelets as awareness materials.

– Promoted many local and world wide charities and foundations.

– Traveled to over 20 cities to bring awareness and inclusion to various events and gatherings.

– Gained 3 national sponsors for our I AM ADAPTIVE Compete Team Athletes.

– Worked together to created the 1st CrossFit Wheelchair.

– Co- Creators of Miami Might’s Inclusive Lifting Competition 2015 & 2016.

– Created various websites for supporters and athletes.

– Fed Vetsville House for Homeless Veterans of Boynton Beach, FL for the last 8 Major Holidays.

– Fed and clothes homeless individuals in need across the United States.

– Invited to and spoke at the International CUSP Conference of Design.

– Housed Athlete’s and Veterans to save on travel and board.

– Brought together millions through the power of our growing and compassionate social media platform.

– Spent 2,500+ in-house hours for Founder Evyn Zosia to create the I AM ADAPTIVE Interactive website.

– Founder Marilyn Zosia has completed a ½ marathon and biked 56.2 miles in the name of Traumatic Brain Injury Awareness.

– Provided complete business and marketing strategies to many non-profits, adaptive athletes and gym owners.

– Given away 7 prosthetic feet, through partnering with Freedom Innovations.

– Covered the 1st Wheelchair Bodybuilding Competition at the 2016 Arnold Classic as the Official Media for the event.

– Covering the 2017 2nd Wheelchair Bodybuilding Competition at the 2016 Arnold Classic as the Official Media for the event. ]

– Put together the 1st ever Adaptive Athlete Team representing over 20 sports.

– Had 2 of our Athletes compete at Rush Club 007.

– Brought the 1st Ever Adaptive Athlete to the CRUSH Games.

– Brought the 1st Ever Adaptive Athlete to the CRUSH Games that competed in the Men’s RX Division.

– Honor by the Mayor of Miami for outstanding community service.

– Covered the 1st Ever U.S. I AM Invictus Games.

– Had 2 of our Athletes compete in the I AM Invictus Games.

– Brought FitAid their 1st three Adaptive Athletes.

– Partnered with Harbinger Fitness to sponsor their 1st Adaptive Athletes.

– Partnered with Zero Point to sponsor their 1st Adaptive Athletes.

– Placed on 8 million FitAid cans.

– Created and hosted the 1st H2O in the Flow Inclusive Immersion Retreat for Adaptive Individuals which brought 13 amputees together for a 3 day mind, body and soul retreat that included sunrise and sunset yoga, snorkeling, rock climbing, paddle boarding and a beautiful stay at the Post Card Inn in St. Petersburg, FL.

– Showcased in BoxLife Magazine and Fitness4You Magazine.

– Have received hundreds of incredible personal story submissions.

– Interviewed by NBC 6 South Florida.

– Our LiveSore ‘NVR BKN’ shirts were sent to over 7,500 WodBox subscribers.

– Partnered with GainzBox to provide monthly fitness boxes to Adaptive Athletes and Veterans.

– Participated in 5 Obstacle Course Races raising awareness for Adaptive Inclusion.

– Took the 1st Paraplegic through a Spartan Race with the NPO More Heart Than Scars.

– Provided many avenues and resources for athletes and individuals in need.

– Trained Adaptive children and adults in physical and nutritional fitness.

– Worked with Hanger Clinic of Lake Worth and Alleles Prosthetic Covers to provide a free give away prosthetic cover to a young girl who just got her lower leg removed.

– Provide activities for individuals with adaptations that they feel they never would have attempted prior.

– Main charity of the Fitlife Cruise 2016 out of the Port of Miami where we brought on their 1st Adaptive Athlete Chris Ruden , who subsequently won the ships ‘Mr. Booty’ Contest.

– Covered the Working Wounded Games for 2 years.

– Have been a Sponsored Booth Charity at Wodapalooza in 2015, 2016 and now 2017 to help others become more immersed in the adaptive culture from business, to connections, to where to find training and trainers in their community.

– Worked with Reebok HQ to bring Adaptive Athletes and Reebok Trainers together at their Main Boston HQ for a special training/meet and greet day.

– Invited to the 2015 Meeting of the Minds Charity get together @ Reebok HQ where we discussed how to build our NPO’s together.

– Attended the 2015 CrossFit Games and paid for 7 Athletes and numerous supporters to attend from all over the country and aid in raising awareness in the CrossFit Community for Adaptive Athletics.

– Linked together various athletes, supporters and charities to encourage teamwork and more promising work in the community.

– Co-Created the 1st Worlds Strongest Adaptive Man and Created its website for Founder Lee Small.

– Our Athlete Lee Small put on the 2016 World’s Strongest Disabled Man.

– Covered the 2016 Rio Paralympics in Rio, Brazil.

– Driven over 20,000 miles to bring inclusion to the nation.

– Provided an outlet for smaller/growing organizations, athletes, events and companies to reach the masses and share the good they are bringing to the world.

– Traveled to the 2015 Arnold Classic to cover and promote Team Some Assembly Required.

– Masterminded business development with Enabling the Future.

– Raised money from Vero Beach CrossFit for Adaptive Training, equipment and needs for Adaptive Athletes we brought to the event.

– All of our design, photography, graphics and content creation are kept in house by Founders E. & M. Zosia.

– Created a sponsored video with FitAid to aid in bringing awareness to the CrossFit Community.

– Provided extensive and free personal marketing tips for our team of Adaptive Athletes to help them build their own personal brands and give them the means to get larger sponsors for their sport endeavors.

– Provided thousands of dollars in merchandise for our athletes, and many supporters in financial distress, to wear in hopes it will change someones life who sees it.

– Worked with Hanger Clinic to provide better outreach initiatives in South Florida.


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