that we are able to change the world.

See below how best you can help, donate to and support I AM ADAPTIVE™ with a variety of  capabilities to match the variety of ways we reach our Veteran & more Adaptive Communities.


I AM ADAPTIVE™ has formed an initiative called the I AM ADAPTIVE™ Compete Team. This team is made of the best international Adaptive & Veteran Athletes that not only compete on highly competitive levels worldwide but are driven to give back to their communities in a variety of ways including: hosting seminars, fundraising for causes within the community, a wide scope speaking engagements, event attendances, conferences, summits, human rights legislation appearances and more.


Give back to the community in more ways than 1! The 50/50 Fundraising Platform will help provide a community experience with your facility long after we are gone.

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Continuous Sustainability Giving

See how your Continuous Support allows us to continue and grow our Outreach Programs & Initiatives that allow us to Educate, Socialize & Mobilize our in-need communities!

We all deserve to know why we never need to use the terms ‘handicapped & disabled’ and we all deserve a platform that brings us all together. That is where we come in!

Event Aid

We are working with multiple organizations and individuals to provide the most innovative, informative & inclusive events within the community.

I AM ADAPTIVE™ is dedicated to spreading awareness not by just hosting events of our own but supporting the advancement of other organizations and lending our knowledge to help others succeed.

Help us by Volunteering! Email us for current volunteering opportunities world-wide with I AM ADAPTIVE™ & its missions.

We Welcome Helping Hands