Your generous donation every month of Continuous Sustainability allows us to continue and grow our Outreach Programs & Initiatives that allow us to Educate, Socialize & Mobilize our in-need communities. We are a small team of 2 that runs I AM ADAPTIVE™ from graphic and webdesign, to full social media content, events,  travel, meetings, seminars, networking, marketing, outreach, fundraising and everything else in-between! It has only been 13 months since we began IAA and look how far just 2 people have come in this mission, you donation helps us multiply our continuous volunteer staff and bring in the professionals that we need to make our communities outreach more main stream & open source.

We all deserve to know why we never need to use the terms ‘handicapped & disabled’ and we all deserve a platform that brings us all together. That is where we come in!

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