Sight Loss and Wanderlust: Part 1

Halfway through my master’s degree I found out I was “going blind.” I put it in quotes because it’s a super dramatic way of describing my retinal detachments. But, when I put my mom on the phone [...]


An Adaptive Adventure by Enock Glidden

As a person growing up with Spina Bifida I didn’t know what it was like to have the ability to walk so I just had to figure out how to do things my way.  It was this experience and later on my [...]


Now I Wear Shorts by Olivia Leigh

In some ways, the ME of 4 years ago was quite different to the person I am today. To the casual observer, I was simply a woman walking down the street, lost in her own world, but to me, I was [...]


Why there is no Adaptive Division at the CrossFit Games…yet!

So, there are so many people out there asking CrossFit HQ, Greg Glassman, Dave Castro and The CrossFit Games, ‘Why isn’t there a Division for Adaptive Athletes?!? Why are you not making an effort [...]


▪️▪️2016 WODAPALOOZA▪️▪️ Adaptive Athletes Meet In Miami to Compete

3 INCREDIBLE Days FULL of ELECTRIFYING ENERGY and NON-STOP ACTION that left Miami with a solid taste of what a truly spectacular Fitness Festival can be like!! Friday’s festivities began [...]


Blind girl, seven, banned from using white stick at school as it is ‘health and safety risk’

A blind girl has been banned from bringing her white walking stick to school because of “health and safety” reasons.Lily-Grace Hooper, seven, suffered a stroke when she was just four [...]