#NotAllWoundsAreVisible : A Super Humans journey to the 2017 Spartan Race​ World Championships!

Karen Porter is an Adaptive Athlete who currently has kidney failure, a heart valve defect, a catastrophic lung injury, half of her joints don’t function properly, feet that have been reconstructed about a dozen times AND she is a United States #Veteran . She is on a journey to be the First Elite Adaptive Athlete Racer at the 2017 Spartan World Championships coming up September 29 – October 1st.

She is what we call a Silent Adaptee which means her wounds and adaptations are not visible to the naked eye.

WATCH THIS VIDEO to learn about her journey and donate to help her get to Tahoe to race and show the world what Adaptive Athletes can do by clicking the button below and in the ‘Choose where you want your Donation to go’ drop down choose Karen Porter (IAACT)!

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