An Adaptive Adventure by Enock Glidden

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As a person growing up with Spina Bifida I didn’t know what it was like to have the ability to walk so I just had to figure out how to do things my way.  It was this experience and later on my physical education teacher Bob Dyer that taught me anyone can do anything.  I truly believe that.


I know that people may have a tough time doing certain things because nothing comes easy to everyone but they can still find a way to get to their goal if they truly want it.  I know this because I have lived it.  Throughout my life I have been challenged and met those challenges head on and even sought out challenges.


One of those challenges that I sought out was climbing El Capitan in Yosemite National Park.  I spent 2 years training for this adventure and made one trip to the park to do a smaller climb in preparation.  I had many people who helped me achieve this goal and that is one of the biggest things that have helped me get to my goals is the people in my life. I had 12 people from all over the country helping me with this ascent.  Some of them I had never even met before.


The ascent was the biggest challenge of my life to date and provided some of the most amazing experiences I have ever had.  I spent 5 days with my team of 3, including myself, sleeping and living on the side of the rock.  We climbed from sunrise to sunset and I did about 800 pull ups per day culminating 5 days later with 4000 total and the most amazing view of half dome and Yosemite Valley you will ever see.  All of that training and hard work paid off but only because I had the right support team behind me making it possible.
I would encourage everyone to find their team, the people that are all in to encourage and support you no matter what the idea you come up with.  Don’t let a disability stop you from chasing every dream imaginable because anyone can do anything!

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Author Bio: As an adaptive adventurer Enock has chronicled his experiences in a blog at He has also recently been a contributor for with some opinion pieces about living as a person with Spina Bifida. For more on Enock’s adventures and thoughts, check out the links below!

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