▪️▪️2016 WODAPALOOZA▪️▪️ Adaptive Athletes Meet In Miami to Compete

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3 INCREDIBLE Days FULL of ?ELECTRIFYING ENERGY? and ?NON-STOP ACTION? that left Miami with a solid taste of what a truly spectacular Fitness Festival can be like!!

Friday’s festivities began with some radical South Florida Weather that was far from forgiving!! A ?Tsunami?  basically came on through and shocked all of present.  It was cold, windy, and the rain had no mercy AND NEITHER did the ?UNSTOPPABLE? @CrossFit ATHLETES present that first day. We were lucky enough to be under a beautiful protective structure, but the Athletes of 2016’s @thewodapalooza didn’t skip a beat and HAD NO intention of slowing down or missing the opportunity to wow the crowds who came to feast off of the ?PASSION and DEDICATION? they SPILLED out in every way!! ?Rain poured down relentlessly, but was sideswiped by the ?FIRE? being exuded from each participant!! Athletes & Volunteers alike!! It was a spectacular sight to look out and see people getting soaked while throwing barbells up into the air and more so to watch the dedicated volunteer staff of judges counting every single rep. We all got wet and muddy at some point, but in some odd way were connected by what we had all endured together as the living family of this year’s WODAPALOOZA!

☀️Day 2 was sheer PERFECTION!!
We couldn’t have asked for a better sense of calm from mother nature after the storm, but things were FAR from CALM!! They were ?ALIVE AND WILD? with the flowing vibes of thousands of souls who flocked from all over the ?GLOBE? to TASTE the #WZA EXPERIENCE. Relentless #Crossfit athletes who had #NOBOUNDARIES left a piece of themselves, WOD after WOD out on the competition floor. Whether you were there to watch the Legends, Greats, the Teens or Adaptive Division, there was a commonality that dwelled within the competitors of this intense journey and test of will–they were all HUNGRY.
HUNGRY to SHOW the WORLD who they were.
They were HUNGRY to Unleash Their Greatness and they did just that.

?Day 3✨ was a magical finish to a 3 Day BONANZA of unbelievably fun times, memories, and truly unforgettable moments.
Bonds were created, people cried, laughed, bled, bruised, won, lost, screamed, hugged, lived, loved, and grew…
We all in one way or another grew from this amazing experience and event.

As Founders of the ▪️I AM ADAPTIVE MOVEMENT▪️ Marilyn & Ellyse Zosia @adayinthelifeof_m & @ellyseamelia we wanted to personally thank Guido @guidotrinidad & Steve #TheSteveSuarez for allowing us to be a part of another AMAZING #WODAPALOOZA experience! ❤️It was blissful to be among so many amazing people passionate about something that keeps us all alive and going–CrossFit. You have managed to create an event that has so many different moving parts, it’s literally an unparalleled experience. And those who fight their way to your gates year after year know exactly what we speak of.

??We’d also like to Thank You for stepping up and taking a stand to involve the #AdaptiveCulture in the CrossFit realm! We are looking forward to the continuous growth and amazing step towards #InclusiveFitness !!

?? To all of the INCREDIBLE souls we synced with this weekend, we hope our journeys continue to intertwine to help propel and continue the flow of the Adaptive Movement all over the world!!?

To the Adaptive Athletes who gave their all out there, we commend you for your amazing dedication and perseverance!!  You wowed the crowd and made countless eyes swell with tears. Thank you for pushing yourselves to the limit and showing the world what you can do!

To our ▪️ #IAACT▪️  adaptive athletes who ?ROCKED THE HO– — USE?  THANK YOU. Thank You for being FIERCE, for representing the Home Team, for showing up with a competitive edge like nothing we’ve seen before @chasingmichaelmills @couelle07 @savannahrian all placed on the podium and made us incredibly proud!!
You were a pleasure to watch in action and it makes our hearts explode knowing we’re part of this ▪️IAA Family▪️ together.

To all of our ▪️IAA▪️ supporters who came through this weekend our volunteers and believers, THANK YOU. We couldn’t have gotten through this weekend without your help!!

To all our IAA Fam…
This bond we share is…UNBREAKABLE.  Let’s not forget why we fight this fight. ?

?People NEED to be reminded of what they are CAPABLE of.

No matter what life hands you, REMEMBER, we, every single one of us was born with the Power to Adapt. If we don’t adapt we don’t survive.?

?Expose your Power.
?Unleash your Greatness.
?Adapt. ?Thrive.?Live Alive.

To this year’s amazing WODAPALOOZA and many more to come!! Thank you!!



See all of the action HERE!

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