Feeding Veterans for Thanksgiving

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 Feeding Veterans-

We had all of this stuff, plus a full thanksgiving dinner, in the car on the way to Vetsville Ceasefire House for Homeless Transitioning Veterans Thanks to all of your donations on gofundme.com/FeedYourVeterans , @walmart for a $25 gift card (the last of their months spending so we are thankful they had anything!), @ZicoCoconut for donating 5 cases of delish waters, and @BeallsFlorida for donating $50 worth of goods which provided us 5 yummy Eco-Towels‼️ ??? We were able to provide 13 Veterans: 13-full 4 piece bed sets, 13- super soft blankets (plus some big donated comforter/quilts), 13-sweater/long-sleeve/thermal/flannels, 13-new towels, and 6- seven pack bags of new undies‼️ We ran all over looking for charitable companies to work with and are so happy we could provide what we did thanks to all of YOU???  Feeding Veterans should be on your ‘to-do’ list next year! Hoping your holidays are full of love and gifts of the heart? -The Zosia’s and Family “Founders of I AM ADAPTIVE™”

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